What I can do for you

At Davelopment I offer an end-to-end process. So whether you're a new business just starting out, or an existing company looking to revamp, I'm here to help.


Not sure where to start or what's involved? Then I can have a chat with you to run through how everything works, what's involved and estimate any costs. We can also talk about user habits - how people read websites/blogs and what are the fundamentals for creating a great website/blog.


After establishing your needs, I would provide wireframes of possible website designs. These are very basic drawings showing the layout of your website/blog, and how the information would be best displayed.


Once the wireframes have been agreed, the designing starts. This is the process of bringing the wireframes to life - inserting colours, fonts, icons and placeholder text, so you can see how your website/blog will look once it's completed.


Turning the vision into a reality! After you've signed off on the designs, I'll begin working on building your website/blog. I build my designs to work on all modern browsers and portable devices, meaning they can be viewed at work, at home, and on the go.
I will build your website/blog in a content management system - meaning you can easily update or publish your own content without needing any further involement from me.


So you've got a new website/blog - great! But, is anyone actually looking at it? I'd imagine so, but nonetheless, I can give you factual information proving just how popular/effective your website/blog is.
Google Analytics is a great way of tracking how many people visit your site, where they're viewing it from, and also what technologies they use. It is also particularly useful if you're running any adverts and want to see how successful they are.

Any/all of the above!

My level of involvement is entirely up to you. Whether you just want a quick chat over a coffee ('meeting') or you want a complete end-to-end process - the decision is yours. I'm more than happy to help in any way possible.